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65 Bear Creek Hardwoods (Alisha Brown) 480640BearCreek.jpg Alisha Brown - Bear Creek Hardwoods - Our passion at Bear Creek Hardwoods is providing the finest handmade products and utilizing the best sustainable solid hardwood the Northwest and the Nation has to offer. Our current focus is Bowls, Platters and Tables. It’s not our goal to craft furniture and decor that fits every home or office but it IS to design, build and craft pieces that are perfect for YOUR ‌home or office. We neither stock nor mass-produce and you will never find the use of stain on any of our products, we adore the natural beauty of grain.

Bear Creek Hardwoods, where every piece is a true original...yours.
84 Collins Family Orchards (Brian and Calvin Collins) 480640CollinsFamilyOrchard.jpg Brian and Calvin Collins - Collins Family Orchards - Collins Family Orchards is located in Selah, WA. Calvin Collins, a third generation farmer, uses his 40+ years of experience to evaluate new farming techniques and varieties. His priority is to implement the best farming practices to keep his trees and his land healthy, productive, and sustainable. We are continuously in search of more perfect fruit, and we test new varieties each year by grafting and planting in an experimental block in the orchard. To earn their keep, new fruit must grow well in our climate and taste great!

We're eager to bring our fruit to market, but we don't rush to pick it. Fruit does not come off the tree until it is ripe and ready, at the peak of flavor!
11 CushArm (Deirdre Hernandez) 480640Herneandez.jpg Deirdre Hernandez - CushArm - Relaxing, Supportive, Comfort For Your Workspace

For your Office at home or at work you will Love our CushArm Product suite.

* Unique Variety of Laptop, Computer Arm, Wrist, Elbow Supports. All made with Soft Cotton Washable Removable Covers and our Lightweight 100% Organic Buckwheat Hull filling. Two options available in the CushArm and CushArm Mini.

* Spa Relaxation Neck Wraps filled with Flaxseed- Great for Relaxing after a long day.

* Supportive Backrests for your Workspace Chair filled with Flaxseed to allow for heat or freeze.
30 Ecolibrium Farm (Alex Meizlish) 480640AlezMeizlish.jpg Alex Meizlish - Ecolibrium Farm - We, at Ecolibrium, work to bring people closer to themselves, each other, and nature. We strive to balance our human environment, culture and natural ecosystems through education, ecological farming practices and community collaboration. We help families and organizations weave local agriculture, and sustainable principles into the fabric of their lives. Our farm stands at the crossroads of wellness, community building, and responsible land stewardship. We grow food so that our community will have access to certified organic, nutritious, delicious ingredients that make their families healthier and happier. Learn more about our principles, and farm at
18 freebarz (Lauren Wilson) 480640freebarz.jpg Lauren Wilson - freebarz - At freebarz, we create premium-nutrition granola cereal and granola bars. We believe that if you eat real, quality, and well-balanced whole foods, then you will enable your body’s natural ability to live a life free of diet-related illnesses. Because food sensitivities and allergens are a common cause of illness, we have created products that are soy-, dairy-, corn-, and egg-free, are completely vegetarian, and have no wheat or gluten added. Our products are free of synthetic colors, flavors, and preservatives, and are made from local, non-GMO, and organic ingredients whenever possible. Simply put, we want to help you eat free to live free.
15 Laura’s Gourmet Bakery (Laura Sullivan) 480640LauraSullivan.jpg Laura Sullivan - Laura’s Gourmet Bakery - I opened my wholesale bakery, Laura’s Gourmet Bakery, in 2010 in Redmond. After dealing with some health issues I’ve discovered using food to heal and have been enjoying experimenting with healthier dessert options for myself and others. I have a line of products that are Gluten Free/Vegan/AIP Paleo as well as just gluten free items (for those who still love butter) and also make delicious handcrafted sauces and syrups. I really enjoy what I do and love being able to share it with others!
12 Lunch Table ( ) - Lunch Table -
25 Lunch Table ( ) - Lunch Table -
54 Lunch Table ( ) - Lunch Table -
61 My Watercolors with Love (Risa Hiltermann) 480640Hilterman.jpg Risa Hiltermann - My Watercolors with Love - I continue to grow and wander through the fun and beauty only art can bring. Since taking up watercolor, my painting style has emerged to be realistic and detailed. My favorite color is anything vivid and I enjoy using bright, saturated colors to produce a rich image.

My work has been exhibited in local and regional shows. I have been a member of Valley Arts United, South Hill Artists, and the Northwest Watercolor Society.
27 Organic Farm School (Aaron Varadi) 480640OrganicFarmSchool.jpg Aaron Varadi - Organic Farm School -
02 Puget Sound Bakery (Matt Motley) 480640PugetSoundBakery.jpg Matt Motley - Puget Sound Bakery - Puget Sound Bakery is a new family run business in Redmond that just got started this year. We have enjoyed baking for our family for many years and decided to share our artisan breads through our new business. We believe in supporting local farmers and do so by sourcing flour from Washington State mills that use Washington grown wheat. Please come by and check out our amazing selection of artisan breads like our Garlic Cheese, Kalamata Olive, Rosemary, Whole Wheat and many others. We hope to soon have a Gluten Free offering once we perfected the recipe.
75 SamFuego Foods (Mike Samphire) 480640SamFuego.jpg Mike Samphire - SamFuego Foods - Samfuego Foods is owned and operated by Mike & Lynda Samphire and excited to be joining the Redmond Saturday Market 2017. Michael is an inspired chef and creator of Super Wicked Twisted Salsas & Habitual Hot Sauces. His inspiration comes from a visit to Sedona and the discovery of Prickly Pear Cactus, which he incorporates in all products. Samfuego Foods products are plant based with no added sugars and locally processed at 21 acres in Woodinville. They have expanded their product line from 1 to 8 in the first year, offering a ton of flavor, variety and just enough heat.
26 Samish Bay Cheese (Roger & Suzanne Wechsler) 640480Weschler.jpg Roger & Suzanne Wechsler - Samish Bay Cheese - Samish Bay Cheese is owned and operated by Suzanne and Roger Wechsler. They make artisan farmstead cheeses using organic milk from their own cows. All of their milk, and only their milk, is used to make their cheese, yogurt, and kefir. They raise steers for beef and pigs for pork. Samish Bay Cheese is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
16 Schmidt Blueberry Farm (Bill Schmidt) 480640schmidt.jpg Bill Schmidt - Schmidt Blueberry Farm - Schmidt’s Blueberry Farm is a family owned farm since 1965. On 17 acres, we farm 4 acres of blueberries. Bill and Susie have lived on the farm for 40 years. They produce between 20 and 25 thousand pounds per year, depending on the weather and any problem that may arise with the fruit. Their son Kyle is purchasing the farm this year and Bill and Susie will continue running it. He hopes to change over to organic in the next few years. They are excited about the future of Schmidt’s Blueberry Farm for the future!
80 SculptureSoap (Tito Pagan) 480640TitoPagan.jpg Tito Pagan - SculptureSoap - We combine the art of sculpting organic forms with the science of making practical items from nontoxic materials for everyday living. Both adults and children can find a functional, artistic hand-made body soap that will delight and amuse their friends and family. We are a family owned and operated small business in Redmond Washington since 2014. To insure a unique gift giving or personal use experience every item is custom made from scratch and meticulously packaged for you.
58 Sirenity Unlimited (Serene Stambaugh) 480640SirenityUnlimited.jpg Serene Stambaugh - Sirenity Unlimited - My beaded flowers are perfect for gifts and special occasions as well as everyday décor. I make the flowers by hand with glass seed beads on wire. Every flower is unique and inspired by nature, and they will never wilt! There is no pollen or fragrance, so you don’t need to worry about allergies. I can cut individual stems to any length and assemble bouquets at the market. I also have assorted smaller items, such as hair accessories, pins, and butterflies. If you would like a custom design or something special for an event, please let me know.
71 Swanson Family Farm (Dean Swanson) 480640SwansonFarm.jpg Dean Swanson - Swanson Family Farm - Our diversified family farm is over 94 years old. A fifth generation of farm kids play, plant, tend and harvest crops and care for animals.We don't do it alone. The Sanchez family has co managed it along with us. Lupe and Ofelia and daughter Mary Cruz are up at the crack of dawn picking what is in season and tending to the crops. We finally have our corn ripe! In the old days folks picked corn and ran in the house to a boiling pot of water because it became so starchy.You don't have to do that. Old timers planted once and harvested until they couldn't eat the tough cob. We plant every 10 days so our ears are always young and tender.