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Hilario Alvarez - Alvarez Farms

Alvarez Organic Farms has been in the agriculture business for well over 30 years.
In those same years much of the small, environmentally friendly family farms have morphed
into large-scale agribusinesses, without regard on the adverse environmental effects.
Being certified organic for over 20 years, sustainable agriculture is one thing that
the Alvarez Family has embedded into their farming tradition.

Alvarez Farms

Jose Bautista - Bautista Farms

Bautista Farms

Farias Brothers - Farias Farm

Farias Farm is an organic family farm started by three brothers Francisco, Sergio, and Juan Farias in 2018. Our mission is to grow nutritious organic vegetables and berries to share with our community. WE farm organically because we believe that everyone should have access to fresh and clean veggies; free of pesticides and other chemicals. Farias Farm uses sustainable farming practices to grow our produce including crop rotation, cover crops, and compost to nourish and care for our produce as well as our soil. If we take care of the soil and the land that we farm, the land and soil will take care of us.

Farias Farm

Sergio Fernandez - Fernández Organic Farms

We have been in business since 2008 working hard to provide local families with healthy choices of vegetables and fruits.

Fernandez Organic Farms

Full Heart Farm

We are a no till, market style garden farm dedicated to sustainable and regenerative practices that benefit our Earth, community, and generations beyond our time. In alignment with this mission, we use no heavy machinery or chemicals on our land. We blend ancestral and modern technologies in practices and do everything with a whole lotta love in our hearts. We would love for you to be a part of our first season! Stop by our booth to connect and see what’s been growing!

Full Heart Farm

Angelica Hayton - Hayton Farms

Hayton Farms

Kao lee Cha - Kaolee Cha Garden

Kaolee Cha Garden

Cha Doua Lor - Cha Doua Lor

Cha Doua Lor

Tovias Magana - Magana Farms

Magana Farms

Terri Martin - Martin Family Orchards

Martin Family Orchards started in 1986 with 3 acres of Red-Gold Nectarines located in Cashmere, Washington.
Since then it has grown to over 90 acres of Bing and Rainier Cherries, 6 varieties of Peaches, Red-Gold and
Independent Nectarines, Perfection Apricots, Bartlett and D’Anjou Pears, Gala and Fuji Apples, a variety of Tomatoes,
Squash, and Peppers. Martin Family Orchards is a family run business with all three of Rick and Terri’s sons (Ricky Jr., Jamie and Jonny)
involved in the day to day operations. It's their goal to provide families in Washington with the highest quality,
tree-ripened fruit they have ever tasted.

Martin Family Orchards

Nelson Dalaguiado - Nelson Dalaguiado

Nelson Dalaguiado

Chuekai Chasengnou - Cha New Life

Cha New Life Garden

Hulbert - Our Family Farm

Our Family Farm is your local family operated farm located on the flats of Fir Island in Skagit County. Our farm, centered between the Cascade mountain range and the San Juan Islands gives our fields the ideal soil for growing crops. This allows us to grow and market some of highest quality berries in the Pacific Northwest. With hard work, 4 generations of farming practice, and support from our community, we're honored to deliver the freshest and highest quality berries from our family to yours.

Our Family Farm

Doua Chang - Pa Garden

Pa Garden

Roberto Guerrero - R/P Guerrero Farm

Roberto Guerrero , sr. ( founder and grower) started R/P Guerrero farm in 2007. They obtained it's organic certification in 2009. We currently grow cherries, asparagus, apples, peaches, prunes, plums, nectarines, apricots, tomatillos, peppers, pears and onions. The farm is a fruit supplier to PCC, OGC, and Full Circle. Roberto is assisted by his younger son, Jesus Guerrero (high school teacher in Moses Lake). Both son and father can be seeing side by side on any given summer. We also sell at Issaquah farmers market and Lake Forest park. Son, Jesus started its fresh homemade salsa business in 2009 and it's available at the markets where we sell.

R/P Guerrero Farm

Charlie Wainger - Rain Dog Farm

Charlie Wainger Owner/Head Farmer of Rain Dog Farm In 2018 I started Rain Dog Farm in the front yard of my childhood home. Using one acre of lawn I began growing microgreens, herbs, lettuce, root veggies, and edible flowers, but I wasn’t always a farmer. Once I was a journalist and musician who began growing food and raising chickens in my backyard in Seattle. The hobby became passion when I started Rain Dog Farm. This season I am looking forward to bringing fresh food to the people of Redmond and beyond. See you all this Spring.

Rain Dog Farm

Bill Schmidt - Schmidt Blueberry Farm

Schmidt’s Blueberry Farm is a family owned farm since 1965. On 17 acres, we farm 4 acres of blueberries. Bill and Susie have lived on the farm for 40 years. They produce between 20 and 25 thousand pounds per year, depending on the weather and any problem that may arise with the fruit. Their son Kyle is purchasing the farm this year and Bill and Susie will continue running it. He hopes to change over to organic in the next few years. They are excited about the future of Schmidt’s Blueberry Farm for the future!

Schmidt Blueberry Farm

Cindy and Brent Rappuhn - Sky Valley Family Farm

Our farm is wonderfully located 40 miles northeast of Seattle in Startup. Brent’s family has farmed here since 1900. In 1989, Brent and Cindy both quit teaching and moved back to the area to continue farming. David, our oldest, joined us fulltime after graduating from Western. Our fields are certified organic and our animals are raised with pasturing as the basis. Our goal is to produce optimally healthy and tasty meats and eggs because of the quality forage the animals consume. Currently we raise pork, turkeys and meat chickens all seasonally and duck and chicken eggs year round.

Sky Valley Family Farm

Will Lockmiller - Sno-Valley Mushrooms

Sno-Valley Mushrooms

Duane,Vicky Heine - Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm

Dean Swanson - Swanson Family Farm

Our diversified family farm is over 94 years old. A fifth generation of farm kids play, plant, tend and harvest crops and care for animals.We don't do it alone. The Sanchez family has co managed it along with us. Lupe and Ofelia and daughter Mary Cruz are up at the crack of dawn picking what is in season and tending to the crops. We finally have our corn ripe! In the old days folks picked corn and ran in the house to a boiling pot of water because it became so starchy.You don't have to do that. Old timers planted once and harvested until they couldn't eat the tough cob. We plant every 10 days so our ears are always young and tender.

Swanson Family Farm

Youa Her Lor - Youa Her Lor

Youa Her & Kaying's Garden
Artisan Crafts

Riddhima Mohiley - Aeindry Skincare

Riddhima Mohiley founded Aeindry Skincare, a 100% natural handmade skincare product company in 2020. Riddhima embarked on the natural skincare journey in 2012 when Riddhima’s son developed allergies and eczema. To help with eczema, Riddhima started researching natural body care ingredients around the world and came up with recipes. With the handmade natural skincare products, Riddhima reduced the usage of prescribed steroids on her son. With the success of hand and body lotion recipes, Riddhima focused on natural soaps to further help her son with eczema. Now the entire family along with Riddhima’s daughter uses all natural skincare products.

Aeindry Skincare

Joyce Endrody - The Beekeeper's Secret

You might know Joyce Endrody of The Beekeeper's Secret best as "the bee lady" - she's one of our gems at market. Joyce has been at RSM since 1997! She brings a great assortment of delicious honey and those "kid favorite" honey sticks! Joyce also brings an array of all natural, fragrance-free skin care products made from olive oil and beeswax. You have to try her hand lotion cake-people all over North America are raving about it! With her always smiling face and that perfect English accent, you can't miss her in Booth #42

The Beekeeper's Secret

Deborah Tom - Blue Moon Arts

Blue Moon Arts is the hand-fused glass art of Deborah Tom. After a long corporate career, a “Once in a Blue Moon” opportunity came along to dive into this artistic expression. I create fused glass works of art that are functional, wearable or simply delightful and include a variety of brightly colored glass garden art, home décor, serving wares, jewelry and more.Blue Moon Arts is the hand-fused glass art of Deborah Tom. After a long corporate career, a “Once in a Blue Moon” opportunity came along to dive into this artistic expression. I create fused glass works of art that are functional, wearable or simply delightful and include a variety of brightly colored glass garden art, home décor, serving wares, jewelry and more.
It has been a journey of learning, growing, failing, succeeding– meeting wonderful people, trying new techniques, and expanding my creative interpretation. The art and science of glass plus the endless possibilities of glass art inspire me every day.

Blue Moon Arts

Rich Langley - Cloud Cap Glass

Richard Langley began blowing glass in Bend, Oregon in 1996. In 2001 Rich moved to the Bitterroot Valley Montana and opened Cloud Cap Glass studios. In 2002 he moved to Seattle Washington where for the next 15 years he worked for various glass studio’s and ran the Museum of glass mobile hot shop program. In 2017 he moved to Everett Washington and is currently the glass studio’s manager for the Schack Art Center. Rich has always continued to make his own artwork and his work can be found in various glass collections around the country. In his off time, he enjoys gardening, rock climbing, mushroom hunting, cycling and keeping bees all with his son Reed.

Cloud Cap Glass

Kathleen Curington - Crayons

Life is - using the whole box of crayons. Crayons have been a big force in my life for a long time. I am a retired Montessori teacher and had many craft projects with my class. After retiring I discovered anew the joy finding my passion for felt and hand-sewn items. I make items for home décor. These include pillows, wall hangings, penny rugs, and table runners. I also do custom work. Come see me and the haunted houses for Halloween.


Duniel Murillo - DunielMurillo.com

Individually handmade greeting cards by local artisan Duniel Murillo. THE premier place to come for all your greeting card needs. The best selection of unique, locally handmade, greeting cards that you just won’t find anywhere else. If you have a special event or occasion – come see me! I offer a wonderful selection including 3-dimensional cards, quilled designs, photo cards, and Plantable Greetings! My Plantable Greetings are cards that you can plant and actually grow an exciting garden! Like my cards, my selection of Plantable Greetings is always growing. Shop my floral, herb, and vegetable designs!


James Fabian & Griffin Hanzsek - Fern Grotto

The goal at Fern Grotto is to connect people with nature through plants and art. We specialize in terrarium design, container gardens and plant arrangements. Our market booth serves as a place to share and sell our craft, as well as a destination for inspiration and learning. We offer services such as custom terrarium builds, plant installations, container design, garden planning and consultation. We thrive on your feedback. You can find us on social media @fern_grotto or email us at contact@ferngrotto.garden

Fern Grotto

Heather Andress - Legit Adorable Pets

Creating boutique bandanas, novelty collars, and pet accessories, Legit Adorable Pets is sure to delight! With fun and funky prints our bandanas and collars are available in sizes Tiny through X-Large and are sure to be a perfect fit for your favorite pet. All products are designed, drafted, and sewn by Heather Andress in her Seattle workshop.

Legit Adorable Pets

Kara Morris - MomoCo

MomoCo. began right here in Redmond! It all started when I noticed that the products we were using to scent our home were irritating to our cats. I set out to make a candle that would appeal to animal lovers like myself and be safe to use around pets! MomoCo. candles are made using quality ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, wooden wicks, and skin-safe/phthalate-free fragrances. Our products are designed with pet-owners in mind, from the fun names to the paw-shaped wax melts. A portion of our profits are donated to Washington animal rescues. I hope to see you at the market!


Hiromi Mason - MoonDance Pottery

MoonDance Pottery

Michelle McCurdy - Naturebound Soap Co.

Michelle McCurdy is the owner and creator of Naturebound Soap Co. Michelle is a passionate gardener, bee-keeper, forager and aspiring herbalist, who's mission is Earth Stewardship. She brings this joy to you by way of mindfully crafted soaps, serums, balms and salves, made by her in small batches from her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Naturebound’s focus is on botanically infused oils, ground roots, leaves, flowers and stems, spices, skin-loving butters and natural clays. We use only the natural scents produced by these ingredients or pure essential oils, nothing synthetic.

Naturebound Soap Co.

Paula Gibbons - Paula's Soaps

Paula Gibbons has been a Redmond Saturday Market vendor since 1990! All of Paula's natural, gentle soaps-both bar and liquid alike-are still made in her home. The soaps provide a creamy, responsive lather, and both the liquids and bars last two to three times as long as commercial soaps. Each type has a carefully researched combination of emollients and scents. The ingredients are of the highest quality: olive, almond and coconut oils, true essential oils, etc. Paula maintains Paula's Soaps as an earth-friendly, home based business with the highest standards.

Paula's Soaps

Stephanie Ponder - Ponder Press

I'm a dabbler in all kinds of crafts, but most of what you'll see at the market is my jewelry.
I love bright colors and fun—almost kitschy—images and styles. Those preferences show up in what I make.

My preferred medium is resin. I especially adore seeing how it makes small images pop. I really enjoy mixing in
or layering different kinds of paints and glitter (always glitter!) with resin to see what kind of effects I get.

I also love a challenge, so if you have a special project in mind, I’d love to hear about it.

Ponder Press

Ravinder Bajwa - RAVK Studio

I am a ceramic artist with my studio in Redmond, WA, working mostly with porcelain,
also stoneware and terra-cotta. Colors inspire me - all hues and shades.

My pieces are either wheel-thrown or slab formed with extensive carving, etching, inlay-work. Everything is sealed with durable, non-toxic, food-safe glazes - microwave, dishwasher safe.

My goal is to bring vivid colors to my customers and for my work to infuse a little sense of play
everyday mundane tasks.

Thank you for visiting.

RAVK Studio

Noey Hunt - Second Stitch Clothing

Second Stitch Clothing brings you fun, unique clothing items made from repurposed fabric. With few exceptions, my fabric has been acquired from thrift stores and donations for reuse. I individually design and construct each piece of clothing so you can have something to wear as unique as you! I have a large selection of kids tshirts and also kids dresses and skirts. For women, I have tshirts, skirts, and I take custom orders for dresses. Please stop by my booth to see a vibrant array of one of a kind items.

Second Stitch Clothing

Sella and Linda Rush - Shi-Shi Design

We're a mom & daughter jewelry design team--eight years making jewelry together and going strong! We work mostly in natural stone & metal (copper, brass, & silver) to create one-of-a-kind works that are also comfortable and practical. Our style could be called eclectic, but is definitely distinctive. We also love to work with people on custom designs. Ask us about our designs for men. If you make jewelry, check out Sella's handmade metal components. Most weekends we'll bring our metal-working tools and demo some cold techniques--listen for the sound of hammering to find us in the market!

Shi-Shi Design

Chi Vu - Skyler Dog Bakery

Homemade dog treats that are guaranteed to be drool-worthy and perfect for any occasion! Made with gluten-free, non-preservative, and all-natural ingredients, we bake to see the happiness within your dog's waggy tail! Not to mention, our recipes are made with strict precautions and measurements to ensure wholesome products!

Skyler Dog Bakery

Taya Vercelli - Smashing Glass

Smashing Glass is an eclectic collection of found glass given new life in the Pacific Northwest garden! Taya Vercelli scours, collects, accepts, and discovers vintage and pressed glass from every source to create her whimsical garden art. Using only recycled glass elements, Taya is able to turn cast off unused glass and build beautiful garden totems and hanging glass art. Stop by and see what is new as every piece is unique and waiting for a home in your garden.

Smashing Glass

Rebekah Tipton - Spring & Sparrow Art Studio

Returning to the market after 20 years, I am overjoyed to be a part of this community once again! Spring & Sparrow Art Studio was born out of a chaotic year where I, like many, felt a need to search for beauty, joy, and hope. My inspiration comes from nature with a little glitter thrown in for good measure! To compliment your home, I have created a colorful assortment of functional art like charcuterie boards, coasters, and trays as well as wall art that will captivate and enchant. I look forward to sharing my love of art with you!

Spring & Sparrow Art Studio

Rhonda Watts - Spirited Ambiance

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for over half of my life and I consider the Pacific Northwest home. I started Spirited Ambiance in 2015; I was tired of empty wine and beer bottles from local tasting rooms ending up in the recycle or dumpster and I’ve always loved candles. It was a natural fit to create soy wax candles from upcycled bottles. I love being a part of this vibrant community: participating in local farmers markets and artisan fairs, visiting and celebrating local craft beverage companies, and doing my part to protect and promote the beauty and sustainability of our region.

Spirited Ambiance

Susan Amira- Weinstein - Susan Amira Designs

Susan Amira Designs offers a unique selection of artisan accessories, ponchos, purses and tote bags, home decor items, baby gifts, team logo items and more. My items are designed with fabrics from Africa, Japan, India, Persia, China, plus wool, wool felt, silk, rayon, and home decor adding hand-made flowers, beading, trim, and hand embroidery. The collection from Susan Amira Designs has a very special gift selection for you!

Susan Amira Designs

Mark and Ann Thorsteinson - Thorsteinson Woodworking

Thorsteinson Woodworking
Food Producers

Dylan Randolph - Bonnie B's Peppers

Bonnie B's Peppers are the products born from a lifetime of LOVE. Using our Mom's recipes and name, we source all Local, Organic ingredients to create 3 unique, delicious Hungarian Wax Pepper sauces. "The PNW's newest condiment". You can taste the LOVE in every jar!

Bonnie B's Peppers

Matt Motley - Cascade Valley Farm

Cascade Valley Farm grows many of the ingredients that are used to make our different varieties of salsa, hummus and pickled vegetables. We started our family farm in early 2021 right here in Redmond and are excited to make our gourmet products from the produce that we grow. Using the freshest ingredients brings out the best flavors. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Cascade Valley Farm

Ann Thompson - Cedar Spring Farm

Cedar Spring Farm Jams and Jellies are handcrafted in Anacortes in small batches with local fruits and berries sourced directly from farmers.

Cedar Spring Farm

Jane Rabay - Chez Jane Inc.

Chez Jane Inc.

Amy Dussault - D Loves Chocolate

Born and raised in the Seattle area, I grew up watching my dad temper chocolate on a giant slab of marble. Every major holiday the antique molds would be put into service creating bunnies, owls, and Santas. I learned that traditional tempering method, but still make a mess.

Now, I work chocolate when I'm not teaching middle school. I love participating in local markets, my love for chocolate, and my belief that everybody can have chocolate if they want it. My truffles come in a variety of flavors and are available in the original recipe, a vegan recipe, and a reduced sugar recipe.

D Loves Chocolate

Richard Holmquist - Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards

Our first orchard was established in 1928 when great, great grandfather John Holmquist planted our first orchard about 200 feet from the Canadian border. At that time we actually owned land that went into Canada, and had buildings that sat on the border. We now are Washington State’s largest grower and processor, shipping hazelnuts worldwide. Local restaurants include The Space Needle and Anthony’s. Grocery stores include Haggen’s, Top Foods, Whole Foods, Pcc and the Food Co-ops. Though we face some hurdles, we will continue to service the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If you have a hazelnut question, feel free to stop by and talk to me.

Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards

Jason Alm - Jonboy Caramels

Jonboy Caramels is an artisan confectionery company based in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. In 2009, Jon Sue and Jason Alm came together with the idea of making the finest small batch caramels using the very best ingredients available. What started out as a side business soon became a full time endeavor. One of the aims of Jonboy Caramels is to use ingredients grown and produced close to home such as raspberry and blackberry juice from local berry farms and Pacific Absinthe. Those ingredients paired with local cream and butter, organic brown rice syrup (no corn syrup!) and organic cane sugar all come together to make the finest textured and tasting caramels out there.

Jonboy Caramels

Sara and Samuele Lucchese - Pasteria Lucchese

Samuele and Sara Lucchese create artisan pastas and sauces for you to enjoy at home.

Pasteria Lucchese

Roger & Suzanne Wechsler - Samish Bay Cheese

Samish Bay Cheese is owned and operated by Suzanne and Roger Wechsler. They make artisan farmstead cheeses using organic milk from their own cows. All of their milk, and only their milk, is used to make their cheese, yogurt, and kefir. They raise steers for beef and pigs for pork. Samish Bay Cheese is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Samish Bay Cheese

Jay Gordon - Wildflour Gluten Free Bakery

Artisan style baked goods hand crafted in small batches using the finest quality ingredients. We emphasize local & seasonal ingredients, and utilize local growers for products such as eggs, hazelnuts, lavender, herbs and produce. All of our products are produced in a dedicated gluten-free environment. Wildflour’s baked goods differ from other gluten-free products in that they have the taste and texture of traditional baked goods.

Wildflour Gluten Free Bakery

Gene Panida - Wilson Fish

Wilson Fish
Ready To Eat Foods

Ben Ray - Boaz Coffee Company

Boaz Coffee has a Rwandan Hingakawa all women's co-op coffee that we have had a relationship with for the last 7 years. We also have a Guatemala El Regalito coffee that we offer in whole bean packs. We package our Boaz Blend in 100% recyclable Keurig compatible k-cups, and we have a Swiss water processed decaf that is chemical free.

Boaz Coffee Company

Dylan Randolph - Bonnie B's Peppers

Bonnie B's Peppers are the products born from a lifetime of LOVE. Using our Mom's recipes and name, we source all Local, Organic ingredients to create 3 unique, delicious Hungarian Wax Pepper sauces. "The PNW's newest condiment". You can taste the LOVE in every jar!

Bonnie B's Peppers

Sara and Samuele Lucchese - La Crespella

La Crespella

Jim Hoagland & Martha Tyler - Paradise Ice

Paradise Ice is happy to bring a little bit of Hawaii to Redmond.

Stop by to enjoy one of our many flavors!

Paradise Ice

Mark Van Dyke - Pioneer Popcorn, Inc.

Pioneer Popcorn, Inc.

Khalil Akl - Simply Mediterranean LLC

Chef Khalil grew up in Lebanon with the authentic flavors of Levantine cuisine. Khalil’s uncle, a five-star restaurant owner, witnessed his passion for food and offered him a position as Sous Chef. Khalil later traveled to Paris to learn the fine art of crêpe-making from a famous crêpe chef. In 2008, Khalil moved to Seattle, and Simply Mediterranean was born. Khalil uses family recipes that have been guarded for generations, and the freshest ingredients to keep dishes simple and good for you. Khalil’s promise to you (and his mom) is that each meal be made with passion but not preservatives.

Simply Mediterranean LLC

Kirke Smith - Wise Guy Dinner Club

Wise Guy Dinner Club