How to Become an RSM Vendor?

We have one screening event per year (if we are holding a screening event that year).

The screening is held in April outside at the market. This is the only time that we look at new prospects.
All the information about the event is posted on our website and on our Facebook page at the end of January.
Some years we do not hold a screening event at all and during those years, the information will not be advertised at all.

Please note that we do not take in any commercial booths, imported items, or commercially made products. Everything sold at RSM must be made, grown, or manufactured by the artist/farmer in Washington state. No imports of any kind are allowed at all. We do not take in any vendors mid-season, and we do not have any “pop up or drop in” vendors either. Everyone has to apply and attend the screening event except farmers. We do not keep wait lists or send out applications prior to the screening event.

We almost never take in a food concessionaire (all ready to eat food and drink, all lunch items). Every year we get several requests for new vendors to come and sell food or drinks at our market, but we are full in that category, and it is closed to all. We have enough of those vendors so that category is closed. Please do not come to the jury with a food or drink item, you will not be allowed to jury.

Everyone should check the website in January for next year’s screening event. Many of our categories are closed and we will not screen closed categories. Closed categories mean we have enough of that category, or we have chosen not to have that category at our market. The open and closed categories will be listed on our website in January.

Farmers do not come to the screening. We have a separate process for farmers. If you are a farmer, contact us at

MARKET SEASON: 2nd Saturday in May through last Saturday in October. Vendors are not required to participate every Saturday, but we would like you to participate at least fifteen times a season.
Reservations are required at least one week in advance for vendors who do not have a permanent assigned space. Weekly fees are $40 per week plus a 4% commission over $400 in sales. This may change year to year.

MARKET HOURS: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. No sales are permitted prior to our 9:00 am start time. All vendors must arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. and be set up by 9:00 am.

  • Produce must be farm fresh and grown in Washington only, no brokering.
  • Plants and flowers must also be grown in Washington only.
  • Crafts must be handmade and created in Washington State (no imports) by the vendor and must be screened at our screening event prior to being accepted.
  • Processed Foods must be made in a certified kitchen in Washington only and meet all Health Department requirements.
  • Again, please do not come with any ready to eat food or drink items, you will not be screened.
  • Vendors must obtain all required licenses, insurance and permits from the Washington Dept. of Revenue, the King County Health Dept. and / or the Washington Dept. of Agriculture - with proof to us.

  • SCREENING DATE: usually in April but not every year - check the website in January.

    SCREENING FEES: $25.00 due at time of screening, checks only made out to Redmond Saturday Market please.

    ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Prospective vendors should bring a good representation of the items they wish to sell at the market. In addition, they are required to submit two (2) color photos of their product and one (1) of their booth set up. The photos should be labeled on the back with the artist’s name and business and correspond to the description on the application. Photos are not returned. At the time of screening, applicants will be required to fill out an application. There is no pre-application form to fill out. Applications are given out at the screening event and are not online. All products are screened and juried based on quality, design, workmanship, presentation, and originality with priority given to existing members screening comparable products.

    Fees Due Upon Acceptance: (Subject to change)
    Annual Membership $100.00
    One-Time General Maintenance Assessment $100.00
    Total joining fees $200.00 – subject to change.

    Contact email:

    As for licenses and permits, we do not give out information about business practices or obtaining licenses; that is up to the vendor to secure and complete as there are many distinct categories and different permits, depending on what you sell. We expect our new vendor prospects to have all that information before they apply to our market. A good place to start your research would be the Washington State Department of Revenue, Washington Dept. of Agriculture and King County Public Health.

    More information can be found on our website under FAQ and New Vendor Info when it is posted in January. Please note that attending the screening event does not guarantee acceptance.