This Weeks Scheduled Vendors
Booth - Vendor
49 Alvarez Farms (Hilario Alvarez)
03 Baked Goods (Darlene Ulsh)
66 Bautista Farms (Jose Bautista)
58 Bayview Welding & Art (Tom Williams)
70 Blue Stilly Coffee Roasters (Rick & Sue MacDonald)
19 Bonnie B's Peppers (Dylan Randolph)
46 Bonsai by Lin (Lynn Paietta)
13 By Marilyn (Marilyn Rank)
40 Cha's Farm (Jay and Yeng Cha)
23 Chez Jane Inc. (Jane Rabay)
84 Collins Family Orchards (Brian and Calvin Collins)
15 Country at Heart Designs (Terri Quale)
75 Crayons (Kathleen Curington)
78 Decker Jewelry (Christy Decker)
20 Earth Rhythms Photography (Nirvan Hope)
14 Fishing Vessel St. Jude (Joe Malley)
41 Forest Green Enterprises (Peter Godwin)
77 Game of Colors (Fedor Zubanov)
02 Gone To Seed (Martha Tyler)
48 Hayton Farms (Angelica Hayton)
04 Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards (Richard Holmquist)
17 Ia's Garden (Chue Cha)
07 Jack’s Chicken and Ribs (Kenneth Jackson)
84A Jesse Kelly Glass (Jesse Kelly)
74 Jonboy Caramels (Jason Alm)
35 Kaolee Cha Garden (Kao lee Cha)
41A Klems Greenhouse Inc. (Mark Klemmedson)
DW La Crespella (Sara and Samuele Lucchese)
18 Laurie Mortinson (Laurie Mortinson)
54 Lauristo Nursery (Lauren Ornstein)
37 Lee Thor Garden (Lee,Ricky,Alice Thor)
33 Lor Cha Doua (Cha Doua Lor)
64 Love and Acrylics (Anna Sturdivant)
47 Magana Farms (Tovias Magana)
08 Martin Family Orchards (Terri Martin)
68 Master Gardeners ( )
22 Mee Garden (Mee/Xe Vang/Chang)
27 Morning Dew Candles (Ellyn Johnson)
55 My Watercolors with Love (Risa Hiltermann)
51 Mystery Bay Coastal Cuisine (Leonard Johnson)
21 Nelson Dalaguiado (Nelson Dalaguiado)
56 New Life Garden (Chuekai Chasengnou)
29 Oh Sew Much (Chris Benavides)
30 Organic Farm School (Aaron Varadi)
43 Pa Garden (Doua Chang)
X Paradise Ice (Jim Hoagland)
79 Pasteria Lucchese (Sara and Samuele Lucchese)
11 Paula's Soaps (Paula Gibbons)
57 Pioneer Popcorn, Inc. (Mark Van Dyke)
81 Ponder Press (Stephanie Ponder)
50 R/P Guerrero Farm (Roberto Guerrero)
80 Rainbow of the Heart (Erika Somogyvari)
42L Rents Due Ranch (Mike & Joanie Shriver)
76 Rockabella Bags (Gail Kirwan)
73 SamFuego Foods (Mike Samphire)
24 Samish Bay Cheese (Roger & Suzanne Wechsler)
25 SculptureSoap (Tito Pagan)
45 Shen Zen Tea (James Chang)
62 Shi-Shi Design (Sella and Linda Rush)
69 Simply Mediterranean LLC (Khalil Akl)
60 Sirenity Unlimited (Serene Stambaugh)
32 Sky Harvest Produce (Nate Youngquist)
39 Sky Valley Family Farm (Cindy and Brent Rappuhn)
38 Smashing Glass (Taya Vercelli)
31 Sno-Valley Mushrooms (Will Lockmiller)
63 Spirited Ambiance (Rhonda Watts)
12 Stephanie's Art Inc. (Stephanie Johnson)
09 Sunflower Farm (Duane,Vicky Heine)
Y Sunny Pine Farm (Carl Rapp)
83 Susan Amira Designs (Susan Amira- Weinstein)
05 The Beekeeper's Secret (Joyce Endrody)
82 The Crazy Greeting Card Lady (Duniel Murillo)
59 The Gem Garden (Bright Hauser)
06 The Root Connection (Claire Thomas)
65 Thorsteinson Woodworking (Mark and Ann Thorsteinson)
44 Tonnemaker Brothers Inc. (Kurt Tonnemaker)
71 Toste (Brianna Shaver)
34 Twin Rivers Farms (Dwaine Weideman)
61 UKDK WA (Janet Barton)
16 Wild & Whimsical (Krista Jefferson)
72 Wilson Fish (Gene Panida)
10 Wise Guy Dinner Club (Kirke Smith)
36 Youa Her & Kaying's Garden (Youa Her Lor)

Redmond Saturday Market
7730 Leary Way
Redmond, Wa 98052 

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