This Weeks Scheduled Vendors

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Booth Vendor
49 Alvarez Farms (Hilario Alvarez) 480640AlvarezFarms.jpg Hilario Alvarez - Alvarez Farms - Alvarez Organic Farms has been in the agriculture business for well over 30 years. In those same years much of the small, environmentally friendly family farms have morphed into large-scale agribusinesses, without regard on the adverse environmental effects. Being certified organic for over 20 years, sustainable agriculture is one thing that the Alvarez Family has embedded into their farming tradition.
63 Amazon Red Art (Kristen R. Sierra) 480640AmazonRedArt.jpg Kristen R. Sierra - Amazon Red Art - I am a copper artist. At the age of 8 I learned the basics. At 50, I started perfected my craft, now I am 61. With years of focused effort I have managed to develop my own style of copper working. Repousse and bossing are key to my work, I use a wide range of patina techniques, as well as some less traditional approaches to gain color and texture. Please come by my booth or visit my website.
60 Artistry in Wood (Ed Moore) 480640EdMoore2.jpg Ed Moore - Artistry in Wood -
03 Baked Goods (Darlene Ulsh) 600600DarleneUlsh.jpg Darlene Ulsh - Baked Goods - Darlene has been at Redmond Saturday Market since 1994! And who hasn't sampled something sweet for her booth-her treats are a market favorite! She makes a great variety of cookies, bars and pies-oh my!
66 Bautista Farms (Jose Bautista) 480640Bautista.jpg Jose Bautista - Bautista Farms -
58 Bayview Welding & Art (Tom Williams) 480640BayviewWelding.jpg Tom Williams - Bayview Welding & Art - Tom Williams creates unique, original art for the home and garden. His artistic tools are a little different from what some of us might be used to - instead of a paintbrush or pen, Tom uses a cutting torch, grinder and welder. Tom has combined 40 years of metal trades experience with his art. He made the transition to full time artist in the Spring of 2011. The majority of his work is decorative and functional-to be used outside the home or in the garden. He's raising the bar on the quality of metal art sold at farmers markets and craft fairs with prices most people can afford.
70 Blue Stilly Coffee Roasters (Rick & Sue MacDonald) 480640BlueStilly.jpg Rick & Sue MacDonald - Blue Stilly Coffee Roasters - Rick and Sue have a shared love for coffee - so much that one day they decided to learn as much as they could about it. The MacDonalds had already tried countless different varieties of coffee and ordered from many roasters. They decided to visit some of the local roasters and discovered that they loved the drum roasted coffee - it has much more depth and flavor. Soon it was time to give it a try on their own.
46 Bonsai by Lin (Lynn Paietta) 480640BonsaiByLynn.jpg Lynn Paietta - Bonsai by Lin - Bonsai has been my passion for 22 years. I've haunted the nurseries, gone on collecting trips and can't resist starting cuttings and seedlings. I find working with these trees in miniature rewarding, relaxing and a challenge. In 2003, I was chosen, with 9 other applicants from across the US, to compete in the 'Joshua Roth New Talent' competition. In 2007 & 2008, I studied bonsai with a Bonsai Master, Michael Hagadorn. Since then, I have taken many workshops from other Bonsai Masters. I show some of my personal bonsai collection at Sakuricon, Aki Matsuri. As a board member of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association, I get many opportunities to grow in skill and knowledge in the art of bonsai.
77 Brown Butterfly (Fran Hogan) 600600FranHogan.jpg Fran Hogan - Brown Butterfly - Fran Hogan hand crafts over 50 natural, fresh and delicious aromatherapy body, bath and skin care products, each designed by his beautiful wife Laura, to help you maintain your youthful radiance.
13 By Marilyn (Marilyn Rank) 480640MarilynRank.jpg Marilyn Rank - By Marilyn - My ultimate goal is to create a beautiful bag that is not only fashionable, but unique and functional. I love the entire process of crafting these bags. Each one is designed and completely handmade by me. I take meticulous care and pride in all my work and consider all my bags a labor of love. My newest love is repurposing men’s suits into stylish bags that have a unique sense of character and personality. I consider these and all my bags a piece of art to wear on your arm and enjoy.
84 Cha's Farm (Jay and Yeng Cha) 640480ChaJay.jpg Jay and Yeng Cha - Cha's Farm -
23 Chez Jane Inc. (Jane Rabay) 480640Rabay.jpg Jane Rabay - Chez Jane Inc. -
15 Country at Heart Designs (Terri Quale) 600600TerriQuale.jpg Terri Quale - Country at Heart Designs - Hello, I am Terri Quale of Country At Heart Designs. I love being an artist at this market! My daughter, Krista Jefferson, of Wild and Whimsical, is an artist here too. It’s a family affair! I’m often referred to as “the placemat lady” and make reversible placemats (like two for the price of one!), napkins, wine bottle gift bags and wall hangings. I make a quality product and prewash my fabrics in warm water. I also do decorative painting on wood and metal items such as watering cans, bird houses, mirrors, welcome signs, planters and so much more!
75 Crayons (Kathleen Curington) 480640Currington.jpg Kathleen Curington - Crayons - Life is - using the whole box of crayons. Crayons have been a big force in my life for a long time. I am a retired Montessori teacher and had many craft projects with my class. After retiring I discovered anew the joy finding my passion for felt and hand-sewn items. I make items for home décor. These include pillows, wall hangings, penny rugs, and table runners. I also do custom work. Come see me and the haunted houses for Halloween.
78 Decker Jewelry (Christy Decker) 360480DeckerChristy.jpg Christy Decker - Decker Jewelry - I design and create all my jewelry myself. I have been a full time jeweler in Seattle for over 15 years. I currently work in sterling, bronze, and rhodium. Many people know my “ear art”, jewelry that threads through your ear and sits sideways. Most of my jewelry is organic and inspired by nature. I also carry pounded hammered hoops and initial jewelry. These are excellent gifts. My work is worn by a wide range of women and I would love to help you find the perfect piece. Please stop by my booth and say hello.
20 Earth Rhythms Photography (Nirvan Hope) 480640NirvanHope.jpg Nirvan Hope - Earth Rhythms Photography - Beautiful colorful photography from the natural world of the Pacific Northwest to brighten the walls of your home or your office, or for a gift. Several sizes of prints, some with mats, some without. A huge selection of handmade greeting cards for every occasion.
74 Engayla's Designs (Angela Ehrig) 480640Ehrig.jpg Angela Ehrig - Engayla's Designs - Engayla’s Designs creates a complete look consisting of jewelry, women’s wearable art clothing, leather purses and matching reversible belts. The jewelry consists of sterling silver hand wrapped, antiqued, polished, textured, hand shaped components combined with freshwater pearls, leather and artifacts that are selected worldwide. The wearable art natural fiber clothing for women has been surface designed using silk-screens, discharging, handpainting, and immersion dyeing. Engayla’s fabrics are rich in texture, are from many different countries and have been personally selected. The hand painted and embossed cowhide leather handmade purses with matching belts complete Engayla’s look.
14 Fishing Vessel St. Jude (Joyce Froetschel) 280280JoyceMalley.jpg Joyce Froetschel - Fishing Vessel St. Jude -
65 Forest Green Enterprises (Peter Godwin) 600600PeteGodwin.jpg Peter Godwin - Forest Green Enterprises - Forest Green Enterprises specializes in casting concrete art for the garden and home. Pete’s art is inspired by his love for architecture and his English heritage. The English believe that a Greenman brings good luck to your garden! We offer unique organic patinas developed in the Northwest and all of our products are sealed. Each cast piece is unique due to the natural variation in the casting process.

Check our website for future show locations or email us at
06 Gone to Seed (Martha Tyler) 480640MLTyler.jpg Martha Tyler - Gone to Seed - This will be my 24th season at the market. My main focus these days is personalized hand stamped jewelry. I work with sterling silver, 14 kt. gold filled and Swarovski crystals. Do you have a special date, a beloved pet, kids’ names, nana, or a favorite inspirational word? I’ll do a design and tailor it just for you. This is “custom work” at it’s best and I love designing individual, one-of-a-kind pieces. Come see me in booth 69 and
Let’s Stamp Your Story!
48 Hayton Farms (Angelica Hayton) 480640Hayton.jpg Angelica Hayton - Hayton Farms -
07 Hermosa Mexican Food LLC (Karyn Moreno) 600600Moreno.jpg Karyn Moreno - Hermosa Mexican Food LLC - Hermosa Mexican Foods offers truly authentic Mexican food that originated from centuries old recipes in the northern regions of Mexico. Our signature tamales and salsas are rich and flavorful, where the taste of Mexican tradition is unmistakable. Sourcing the best possible local farmers, butchers, and bakers, Hermosa is committed to offering you a truly unique, innovative and delicious eating experience. We attribute our success to our use of fresh ingredients and consistent quality. Be sure to stop by our booth and make your next meal a real Mexican treat!
02 Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards (Richard Holmquist) 480640Holmquist.jpg Richard Holmquist - Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards - Our first orchard was established in 1928 when great, great grandfather John Holmquist planted our first orchard about 200 feet from the Canadian border. At that time we actually owned land that went into Canada, and had buildings that sat on the border. We now are Washington State’s largest grower and processor, shipping hazelnuts worldwide. Local restaurants include The Space Needle and Anthony’s. Grocery stores include Haggen’s, Top Foods, Whole Foods, Pcc and the Food Co-ops. Though we face some hurdles, we will continue to service the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If you have a hazelnut question, feel free to stop by and talk to me.
17 Ia's Garden (Chue Cha) 480640Ia.jpg Chue Cha - Ia's Garden -
84A Jesse Kelly Glass (Jesse Kelly) 640480Kelly.jpg Jesse Kelly - Jesse Kelly Glass - Jesse Kelly began as an 18 year old apprentice at a Seattle production studio. In years since, he has worked with inspiring glass artists, both locally and abroad. Jesse has been a member of Italian master glass artist Lino Tagliapietra’s team, studied at the Pilchuck Glass School, and has taught glassblowing at the Pratt Fine Arts Center. Over the years, Jesse’s appreciation and passion for glass has continued to grow. He draws inspiration from the icons of his childhood and from meaningful life experiences, which he strives to translate into his glasswork.
73 Jonboy Caramels (Jason Alm) 480640JonBoy.jpg Jason Alm - Jonboy Caramels - Jonboy Caramels is an artisan confectionery company based in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. In 2009, Jon Sue and Jason Alm came together with the idea of making the finest small batch caramels using the very best ingredients available. What started out as a side business soon became a full time endeavor. One of the aims of Jonboy Caramels is to use ingredients grown and produced close to home such as raspberry and blackberry juice from local berry farms and Pacific Absinthe. Those ingredients paired with local cream and butter, organic brown rice syrup (no corn syrup!) and organic cane sugar all come together to make the finest textured and tasting caramels out there.
25 Kaaren Lee (Karen Wixey) 480640Wixey.jpg Karen Wixey - Kaaren Lee -
35 Kaolee Cha Garden (Kao lee Cha) 480640ChaKaoLee.jpg Kao lee Cha - Kaolee Cha Garden -
51 KIS Farms (Leon Hussey) 480640KISFarm.jpg Leon Hussey - KIS Farms - Keep It Simple or “KIS” was founded and created by Leon and Linda Hussey in 2002 after selling Classic Nursery and Landscape Co., retail nursery and landscape company that Leon and Linda owned for over 18 years.

KIS Farm began its planning in the summer of 2011 and officially opened its doors June 17th, 2012. Our vision was to be a one-stop shop for all things organic.
41 Klems Greenhouse Inc. (Mark Klemmedson) 480640Klems.jpg Mark Klemmedson - Klems Greenhouse Inc. -
41A Klems Greenhouse Inc. (Mark Klemmedson) 480640Klems.jpg Mark Klemmedson - Klems Greenhouse Inc. -
30 L.R. Woodworking (Luke Rasmus) 600600LukeRasmus.jpg Luke Rasmus - L.R. Woodworking -
55 La Crespella (Sara and Samuele Lucchese) 480640LaCrespella.jpg Sara and Samuele Lucchese - La Crespella -
18 Laurie Mortinson (Laurie Mortinson) 640480Mortinson.jpg Laurie Mortinson - Laurie Mortinson -
54 Lauristo Nursery (Lauren Ornstein) 640480Ornstein.jpg Lauren Ornstein - Lauristo Nursery -
37 Lee Thor Garden (Lee,Ricky,Alice Thor) 480640Thor.jpg Lee,Ricky,Alice Thor - Lee Thor Garden -
33 Lor Cha Doua (Cha Doua Lor) 480640LorChaDua.jpg Cha Doua Lor - Lor Cha Doua -
47 Magana Farms (Tovias Magana) 640480Magana.jpg Tovias Magana - Magana Farms -
08 Martin Family Orchards (Terri Martin) 480640Martin.jpg Terri Martin - Martin Family Orchards - Martin Family Orchards started in 1986 with 3 acres of Red-Gold Nectarines located in Cashmere, Washington. Since then it has grown to over 90 acres of Bing and Rainier Cherries, 6 varieties of Peaches, Red-Gold and Independent Nectarines, Perfection Apricots, Bartlett and D’Anjou Pears, Gala and Fuji Apples, a variety of Tomatoes, Squash, and Peppers. Martin Family Orchards is a family run business with all three of Rick and Terri’s sons (Ricky Jr., Jamie and Jonny) involved in the day to day operations. It's their goal to provide families in Washington with the highest quality, tree-ripened fruit they have ever tasted.
MG Master Gardeners ( ) - Master Gardeners -
22 Mee Garden (Mee/Xe Vang/Chang) 640480VangMee.jpg Mee/Xe Vang/Chang - Mee Garden -
21 Nelson Dalaguiado (Nelson Dalaguiado) 480640Delaguiado.jpg Nelson Dalaguiado - Nelson Dalaguiado -
56 New Life Garden (Chuekai Chasengnou) 640480Sunshine.jpg Chuekai Chasengnou - New Life Garden -
29 Oh Sew Much (Chris Benavides) 480640Benevides.jpg Chris Benavides - Oh Sew Much - My name is Chris Benavides and I have been a vendor at the Redmond Saturday Market for 20 plus great years. A few of my passions are designing, sewing and children and because I believe in stimulating a child's imagination I've created Superhero Capes and accessories, Tutus, Dinosaur Tails,Folding Play Mats and many other things. My corner booth at the Market has become a "child magnet" or as I call it "The Kids Corner"! I love what I do and hope that shows through in my creations plus I'm always looking for new ideas!
43 Pa Garden (Doua Chang) 480640Chang.jpg Doua Chang - Pa Garden -
X Paradise Ice (Jim Hoagland) 600600JimHoagland.jpg Jim Hoagland - Paradise Ice - Paradise Ice is happy to bring a little bit of Hawaii to Redmond.

Stop by to enjoy one of our many flavors!
79 Pasteria Lucchese (Sara and Samuele Lucchese) 480640lucchese.jpeg Sara and Samuele Lucchese - Pasteria Lucchese - Samuele and Sara Lucchese create artisan pastas and sauces for you to enjoy at home.
11 Paula's Soaps (Paula Gibbons) 480640Gibbons.jpg Paula Gibbons - Paula's Soaps - Paula Gibbons has been a Redmond Saturday Market vendor since 1990! All of Paula's natural, gentle soaps-both bar and liquid alike-are still made in her home. The soaps provide a creamy, responsive lather, and both the liquids and bars last two to three times as long as commercial soaps. Each type has a carefully researched combination of emollients and scents. The ingredients are of the highest quality: olive, almond and coconut oils, true essential oils, etc. Paula maintains Paula's Soaps as an earth-friendly, home based business with the highest standards.
76 Pete's Perfect Butter Toffee (Peter Brogi) 480640PeteBrogi.jpg Peter Brogi - Pete's Perfect Butter Toffee -
57 Pioneer Popcorn, Inc. (Mark Van Dyke) 600600PioneerPopcorn.jpg Mark Van Dyke - Pioneer Popcorn, Inc. -
81 Ponder Press (Stephanie Ponder) 360480StephaniePonder.jpg Stephanie Ponder - Ponder Press - I'm a dabbler in all kinds of crafts, but most of what you'll see at the market is my jewelry. I love bright colors and fun—almost kitschy—images and styles. Those preferences show up in what I make.

My preferred medium is resin. I especially adore seeing how it makes small images pop. I really enjoy mixing in or layering different kinds of paints and glitter (always glitter!) with resin to see what kind of effects I get.

I also love a challenge, so if you have a special project in mind, I’d love to hear about it.
50 R/P Guerrero Farm (Roberto Guerrero) 450600Guerro.jpg Roberto Guerrero - R/P Guerrero Farm - Roberto Guerrero , sr. ( founder and grower) started R/P Guerrero farm in 2007. The obtained it's organic certification in 2009. We currently grow cherries, asparagus, apples, peaches, prunes, plums, nectarines, apricots, tomatillos, peppers, pears and onions. The farm is a fruit supplier to PCC, OGC, and Full circle. Roberto is assisted by his younger son, Jesus Guerrero( high school teacher in Moses Lake. Both son and father can be seeing side by side on any given summer. We also sell at Issaquah farmers market and Lake Forest park. Son, Jesus started its fresh homemade salsa business in 2009 and it's available at the markets where we sell.
80 Rainbow of the Heart (Erika Somogyvari) 360480somogyvari.jpg Erika Somogyvari - Rainbow of the Heart -
64 RainySunday Ranch (Chelsea Johansen) 480640Chlesea.jpg Chelsea Johansen - RainySunday Ranch - Local family farm focused on raising livestock with respect, growing healthy food and living connected lives. Offering a variety of products including veggies, herbs, fruits, goat's milk soap, and reusable coffee sleeves.
42L Rents Due Ranch (Mike & Joanie Shriver) 480640Shriver.jpg Mike & Joanie Shriver - Rents Due Ranch -
42R Rents Due Ranch (Mike & Joanie Shriver) 480640Shriver.jpg Mike & Joanie Shriver - Rents Due Ranch -
42R Rents Due Ranch (Mike & Joanie Shriver) 480640Shriver.jpg Mike & Joanie Shriver - Rents Due Ranch -
24 Samish Bay Cheese (Roger & Suzanne Wechsler) 640480Weschler.jpg Roger & Suzanne Wechsler - Samish Bay Cheese - Samish Bay Cheese is owned and operated by Suzanne and Roger Wechsler. They make artisan farmstead cheeses using organic milk from their own cows. All of their milk, and only their milk, is used to make their cheese, yogurt, and kefir. They raise steers for beef and pigs for pork. Samish Bay Cheese is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
26 Samish Bay Cheese (Roger & Suzanne Wechsler) 640480Weschler.jpg Roger & Suzanne Wechsler - Samish Bay Cheese - Samish Bay Cheese is owned and operated by Suzanne and Roger Wechsler. They make artisan farmstead cheeses using organic milk from their own cows. All of their milk, and only their milk, is used to make their cheese, yogurt, and kefir. They raise steers for beef and pigs for pork. Samish Bay Cheese is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
19 Serendipity Artisan Blends LLC (Shanna Storm) 480640SerendipityDips.jpg Shanna Storm - Serendipity Artisan Blends LLC -
45 Shen Zen Tea (James Chang) 480640JamesChang.jpg James Chang - Shen Zen Tea -
62 Shi-Shi Design (Sella and Linda Rush) 360480rush.jpg Sella and Linda Rush - Shi-Shi Design - We're a mom & daughter jewelry design team--eight years making jewelry together and going strong! We work mostly in natural stone & metal (copper, brass, & silver) to create one-of-a-kind works that are also comfortable and practical. Our style could be called eclectic, but is definitely distinctive. We also love to work with people on custom designs. Ask us about our designs for men. If you make jewelry, check out Sella's handmade metal components. Most weekends we'll bring our metal-working tools and demo some cold techniques--listen for the sound of hammering to find us in the market!
69 Simply Mediterranean LLC (Khalil Akl) 480640AklKhalil.jpg Khalil Akl - Simply Mediterranean LLC - Chef Khalil grew up in Lebanon with the authentic flavors of Levantine cuisine. Khalil’s uncle, a five-star restaurant owner, witnessed his passion for food and offered him a position as Sous Chef. Khalil later traveled to Paris to learn the fine art of crêpe-making from a famous crêpe chef. In 2008, Khalil moved to Seattle, and Simply Mediterranean was born. Khalil uses family recipes that have been guarded for generations, and the freshest ingredients to keep dishes simple and good for you. Khalil’s promise to you (and his mom) is that each meal be made with passion but not preservatives.
32 Sky Harvest Produce (Nate Youngquist) 480640Youngquist.jpg Nate Youngquist - Sky Harvest Produce -
40 Sky Harvest Produce (Nate Youngquist) 480640Youngquist.jpg Nate Youngquist - Sky Harvest Produce -
39 Sky Valley Family Farm (Cindy Rappuhn) 480640SkyValleyFarm.jpg Cindy Rappuhn - Sky Valley Family Farm - Our farm is wonderfully located 40 miles northeast of Seattle in Startup. Brent’s family has farmed here since 1900. In 1989, Brent and Cindy both quit teaching and moved back to the area to continue farming. David, our oldest, joined us fulltime after graduating from Western. Our fields are certified organic and our animals are raised with pasturing as the basis. Our goal is to produce optimally healthy and tasty meats and eggs because of the quality forage the animals consume. Currently we raise pork, turkeys and meat chickens all seasonally and duck and chicken eggs year round.
38 Smashing Glass (Taya Vercelli) 480640smashingglass.jpg Taya Vercelli - Smashing Glass - Smashing Glass is an eclectic collection of found glass given new life in the Pacific Northwest garden! Taya Vercelli scours, collects, accepts, and discovers vintage and pressed glass from every source to create her whimsical garden art. Using only recycled glass elements, Taya is able to turn cast off unused glass and build beautiful garden totems and hanging glass art. Stop by and see what is new as every piece is unique and waiting for a home in your garden.
31 Sno-Valley Mushrooms (Will Lockmiller) 480640WillLockmiller.jpg Will Lockmiller - Sno-Valley Mushrooms -
12 Stephanie's Art Inc. (Stephanie Johnson) 480640StephanieJohnson.jpg Stephanie Johnson - Stephanie's Art Inc. -
09 Sunflower Farm (Duane,Vicky Heine) 600600Heine.jpg Duane,Vicky Heine - Sunflower Farm -
Y Sunny Pine Farm (Carl Rapp) 480640RappCarl.jpg Carl Rapp - Sunny Pine Farm - Sunny Pine Farm is a certified-organic dairy located up the Twisp River in the Methow Valley. We have a variety of goats, about half our herd being Guernsey Goats. We also have a small herd of Guernsey and Jersey cows. The farm produces a variety of certified-organic cheeses and yogurt.
83 Susan Amira Designs (Susan Amira- Weinstein) 480640SusanAmira.jpg Susan Amira- Weinstein - Susan Amira Designs - Creating and making designs with fabric is my passion and joy. I am inspired by many things, particularly, the colors of the seasons: the clear bright colors of summer and winter and the warm tones of autumn. I am also drawn to the contrast of black and white geometric prints. One of my favorite design details is the use of cording or piping. I consider this design technique one of my signatures. My designs vary from casual to dressy using fabrics from cotton to silk to wool, and also home decor fabric. I offer quite a variety of items and accessories and enjoy making all of them myself. I hope you will find something for yourself that you will love or a special gift for someone.
05 The Beekeeper's Secret (Joyce Endrody) 480640beekeeperssecret.jpg Joyce Endrody - The Beekeeper's Secret - You might know Joyce Endrody of The Beekeeper's Secret best as "the bee lady" - she's one of our gems at market. Joyce has been at RSM since 1997! She brings a great assortment of delicious honey and those "kid favorite" honey sticks! Joyce also brings an array of all natural, fragrance-free skin care products made from olive oil and beeswax. You have to try her hand lotion cake-people all over North America are raving about it! With her always smiling face and that perfect English accent, you can't miss her in Booth #5
82 The Crazy Greeting Card Lady (Duniel Murillo) 640480MurilloDuniel.jpg Duniel Murillo - The Crazy Greeting Card Lady - The Crazy Greeting Card Lady – Individually handmade greeting cards by local artisan Duniel Murillo. THE premier place to come for all your greeting card needs. The best selection of unique, locally handmade, greeting cards that you just won’t find anywhere else. If you have a special event or occasion – come see me! I offer a wonderful selection including 3-dimensional cards, quilled designs, photo cards, and Plantable Greetings! My Plantable Greetings are cards that you can plant and actually grow an exciting garden! Like my cards, my selection of Plantable Greetings is always growing. Shop my floral, herb, and vegetable designs!
59 The Gem Garden (Bright Hauser) 640480hauser.jpg Bright Hauser - The Gem Garden - The Gem Garden was launched in 1999 by Seattle designer Bright Hauser and has introduced many Northwest women to the concept of wearing and buying jewelry for everyday . . . . not just special occasions. The Gem Garden is renowned for creating handcrafted, effortlessly chic jewelry that is modern yet timeless. Swarovski Crystals, Gem Stones, Sterling silver findings. Our amazing customers have kept our business growing for over 14 years, selling our wears at most local farmers markets and Art festivals from Seattle to Anacortes. After many years of being the best kept jewelry secret in Seattle….it is a pleasure to be in the running for a 3rd year in a row for the Best of the Northwest!
04 The Root Connection (Claire Thomas) 480640Rootllc.jpg Claire Thomas - The Root Connection - The Root Connection is the oldest CSA on the west coast. Started in 1986, we grow all the chemical-free vegetables for our CSA and a good selection of produce for the farmer’s market. We grow our own veggie starts and tomato plants from seed, using varieties that perform well at our farm, so they do well in NW gardens. We are located in the Sammamish Valley, just north of Redmond and love visitors! Check our website for address and hours.
44 Tonnemaker Brothers Inc. (Kurt Tonnemaker) 640480Tonnemaker.jpg Kurt Tonnemaker - Tonnemaker Brothers Inc. - The Tonnemaker family grows more than 400 varieties of certified organic fruit and vegetables on a 126-acre orchard located on the north slope of the Frenchman Hills near Royal City, Washington. They provide fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables grown in a sustainable way and sold at affordable prices. The Tonnemaker family believes that healthy, organic food should be priced within the reach of consumers.
43A Tonnemaker Brothers Inc. (Kurt Tonnemaker) 640480Tonnemaker.jpg Kurt Tonnemaker - Tonnemaker Brothers Inc. - The Tonnemaker family grows more than 400 varieties of certified organic fruit and vegetables on a 126-acre orchard located on the north slope of the Frenchman Hills near Royal City, Washington. They provide fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables grown in a sustainable way and sold at affordable prices. The Tonnemaker family believes that healthy, organic food should be priced within the reach of consumers.
71 Toste (Brianna Shaver) 480640ShaverBrianna.jpg Brianna Shaver - Toste - I am a pastry chef, small business owner, food blogger, struggling writer, but most importantly, I am an enormous lover of all things food. French toast was a staple in our household growing up and often in a breakfast-for-dinner scenario. The first time that sweet, syrupy, egg-laden bread made it onto my fork, it was true love and I've been perfecting my french toast recipe ever since. So, with an over the top, often embarrassing love of food, TÔSTE was born.
34 Twin Rivers Farms (Dwaine Weideman) 640480Weideman.jpg Dwaine Weideman - Twin Rivers Farms -
61 UKDK WA (Janet Barton) 360480JanetBarton.jpg Janet Barton - UKDK WA - The company has been in Washington State since 2009 and has added items to its inventory. We now have the Sling-it a portable item that allows you to be hands free when carrying your smaller dogs and cats. All of the items are completely machine washable it can also be used for babies, rabbits, weasels, groceries and even an oxygen tank for the elderly, some of these as shown on our website
DW Veraci Pizza (Errin Byrd) 640480VeraciPizza.jpg Errin Byrd - Veraci Pizza - Marshall Jett and Errin Byrd started making their innovative, wood-fired, thin-crust pizza at the Ballard Farmer’s Market in 2004. One of the very first companies to provide gourmet-quality street food, Veraci Pizza is a family-owned and operated business. Veraci is a “food lovers” phenomenon; and was featured in 2010 on Food Network’s Eat St., who declared their pizza “the best in North America”. They have three very popular neighborhood restaurants in Ballard, Wedgwood and Spokane. Veraci designs and fabricates its own unique mobile wood-burning pizza ovens - which can be found at many farmer's markets, weddings, concerts, sporting and private parties in Seattle and Spokane
16 Wild & Whimsical (Krista Jefferson) 640480Jefferson.jpg Krista Jefferson - Wild & Whimsical - I think one of the most wonderful things about art is the ability to bring joy to those who see it. That motivates me to make my pieces unique, uplifting, and with a healthy dose of humor. One of the comments I hear most about my work is that it makes people feel happy just to look at it. Happiness is a simple, but powerful thing and I feel very fortunate knowing that I can bring a little more of it into the world!
72 Wilson Fish (Gene Panida) 480640Panaida.jpg Gene Panida - Wilson Fish -
10 Wise Guy Dinner Club (Kirke Smith) 640480smithKirke.jpg Kirke Smith - Wise Guy Dinner Club -
36 Youa Her & Kaying's Garden (Youa Her Lor) 480640LorYourHer.jpg Youa Her Lor - Youa Her & Kaying's Garden -